Scent Marketing for Showrooms

Most customers who walk into a showroom have a potential buying intention. Why not create the mood for the customers to make the purchase within your showroom? Scents can be magically applied to various types of showrooms (cars, furniture, bridal, interior designs, property, condominium, real estate show flats etc.) to create the right ambience for various products and services.

Scents such as lavendar are suitable for showrooms as it helps instill a peaceful feeling for your customers, soothes anxiety especially if the customers are about to make a big purchasing decision (such as buying a car or property).

One of the best kept secrets of showroom marketing is “Emotional-Buying Trigger”. Sophisticated brand manager know how to create the right emotional-buying trigger through cleverly crafted advertisements. What scent marketing does for your business is to create the emotional-buying trigger on-site in your showrooms.

Suggested applications for scents: The entire showroom, discussion rooms, lobby