Scent Marketing for Hotels

One of the first things that hotel guests notice is the smell of stale air in their rooms. Stale air in hotel rooms affect the quality of rest of the guests, and turns away otherwise good customers. Not only would this create unnecessary hassle for the guests in switching rooms, it is also unproductive for hotel staff to entertain room switching requests.

Stale air is usually related to the hotel's central air condition systems and is virtually impossible to get rid of unless through expensive renovations (similar to "Sick Building Syndrome" in office buildings). However, JJ Mervin has an effective and economical solution for solving stale air in hotels -- they are the Scent Master and Scent Storm systems -- these are powerful scenting machines capable of distributing scents into rooms centrally.

Our scent experts will also work with your hotel to create a signature scent. The fragrance itself would become a part of your hotel's brand image because guests will start to associate your hotel with the signature fragrance.

Suggested applications for scents: In the hotel lobby, rooms, restaurant, business centres, spa centres, gyms