Places Using Scent Marketing

Scent marketing in different industry

If your business relies on walk in traffic, it is likely that you will need innovative marketing strategies to draw customers' attentions. Consumers today are flooded with plenty of choices. How can businesses more effectively attract customers into their store?

There are many success stories and live applications of Scent Marketing (alternatively known as Scent Advertising and Scent Branding). Scents have been widely adopted in mature markets such as the United States and Europe to support the retailers' otherwise traditional marketing strategies (advertising in newspaper, magazines, flyers etc).

Scent is marvellous as a marketing weapon because we humans have an acute sense of smell. If something smells good or interesting, we turn our heads to look for it. Scents permeate and draw customers from afar into stores. This is the first and foremost reason for using Scent Marketing.

Secondly, once customers walk into the store, scents continue to work on these customers. Scientists believe that certain scents affect the human physiology, helping to put the customers at ease so that they can enjoy their shopping experience in your store. Obviously, a relaxed customer is more open to sales suggestions.